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Going offshore nowadays is the most popular way of starting or managing your business. Offshore companies do not only offer tax exemption. That's surely what made them famous and popular. More important however is the freedom of operations, confidentiality and ease of running your business. There will be no paperwork, no hassle with filings and audtings.

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 Offshore incorporation in Delaware (USA)

Offshore incorporation in Delaware (USA)

Limited Liability Companies (LLC's)

Thank you for your interest in our company formation services. Below you will find a summary of the most important details as well as all available services and applicable fees. What separates us from our competition is that our services won't end with the formation of your company. We offer a wide range of additional services others can't or just won't offer, such as lifetime free support. Whilst most providers either specialise on personalized consultation at relatively high rates or run bulk registration factories without any support, we want to offer the positive aspects of both types. Therefore WSR combines professional advice, world wide registration services, reasonable fees, customized order processing, lifetime support and fast turnaround. Where others see company formation services as a bulk registration with no support and no individual assistance, we do care about your business needs.

The incorporation in Delaware does not have any special requirements. You neither have to be a US citizen nor a US resident. You don't even have to be present in the USA at any time. The minimum age to incorporate in Delaware is 18 years. One person can be shareholder and director. A corporation in Delaware usually takes 1 day to be registered.

Like with all US corporations you can benefit from many advantages:

low incorporation fees
no paid up capital required
fast and hassle free incorporation procedure
limited liability status
asset protection
bankruptcy does not affect the directors personal assets
your choice of name
anonymous filing by nominee directors available
corporations are amongst the most reputable company structures world wide
good reputation, especially with banks
outsourcing high risk activities with separate corporations
perfect to start a new business
perfect to gain investors
ability to apply for US immigration
professional appearance for your business

A registered Agent and office is required, which we will provide, along with Nominee Services. We are ready to provide you Nominee Members.

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